10 Best Misal Pav Places in Pune

Pune, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Maharashtra, is not just renowned for its historical significance and lush greenery but also for its mouthwatering culinary landscape. Among the plethora of delicacies it offers, Misal Pav stands out as a quintessential Maharashtrian dish that is beloved by all. This spicy, flavorful curry made of sprouted beans and served with soft, fluffy bread is a gastronomical delight that captivates the taste buds of food enthusiasts.

The city’s nooks and crannies are dotted with eateries that claim to serve the best Misal Pav, making it a daunting task to decide where to indulge. In this blog, we will guide you through the top 10 Misal Pav places in Pune that every food lover must visit, ensuring that you experience the rich culinary heritage of this charming city. Join us as we embark on this spice-laden journey to discover Pune’s misal pav gems.

Bedekar Misal (Narayan Peth)

Let’s talk about Bedekar Misal in the heart of Narayan Peth. It’s not just a food place, it’s a part of Pune’s culture. Punekars take great pride in this legendary Misal joint. Serving a variety of Maharashtrian dishes, it’s their Misal, prepared in traditional Puneri style, that stands out. A flawlessly balanced harmony of spice and sweetness, the Misal here is a must-try.

Katakirr Misal

Quickly rising to fame, Katakirr Misal takes pleasure in serving Misal in three unique spice levels – highly spicy, moderately spicy, and mildly spicy. If prickly heat isn’t your thing, opt for the lightly spiced Misal. Those who relish the fiery Misal can pair it with refreshing buttermilk to even out the heat.

Ramnath Misal (Tilak Road)

Experience Kolhapuri cuisine, Pune style, at Ramnath Misal. Serving up traditional Misal dishes for over 70 years, this Pune eatery has become an integral part of the city’s food scene. Ramnath Misal also features a variety of other delectable delicacies for all foodies.

Shrimant Misal (Baner)

Shrimant Misal (Baner) is a unique Misal destination that’s revived the tradition of ‘Thali’ dining. Stirring the spotlights with unlimited servings and traditional curry and batata wada for managing the spice levels, it enriches your culinary experience further with small accompaniments like peanuts, fryers, and cucumbers. Considered a must-visit!

Thorat Barbeque Misal (Multiple Locations)

Thorat Barbeque Misal presents a unique gastronomic experience, offering Misal served over a BBQ table designed to keep four distinct varieties of Misal curries – Nashik, Puneri, Jain, and Kolhapuri – in their optimal, sizzling state. Additionally, they offer an array of bread selections to accompany your Misal.

Bhadait (Erandwane)

Bhadait is rapidly becoming the go-to dining spot for students near Nal Stop and Garware College. Offering delicious and cost-effective Misal Pav and Vadapav, its prime location serves many colleges, hostels, and PGs in the surrounding area.

Shrikrushna Bhavan (Tulshibaug)

Shrikrushna Bhavan in Tulshibaug is a renowned fast-food joint, loved by all for its scrumptious Misal, among the best in the area. Beyond Misal, they offer an array of tasteful Maharashtrian snacks, such as Poha. Consider this your go-to spot for a hearty breakfast before a long day of shopping!

Rupesh Misal (Somatne Phata)

A renowned spot in Pune, Rupesh Misal is celebrated for its famous ‘Sampla Vishay’ meme. Positioned conveniently on the Pune Mumbai Old Highway, this small eatery delivers a spicy and flavorsome Misal. It’s an ideal pitstop for your short road trips near Pune!

Jogeshwari Misal (Multiple Locations)

Discover the unique and tantalizing flavors of Jogeshwari Misal. While our Misal is a touch less spicy, its unmatched taste sets it apart from other restaurants. Along with Misal Pav, we delight our patrons with a range of authentic Maharashtrian dishes like Matki Bhel, Solkadhi, and the sweet Gulab Jamun.

Aaba Misalwale (Rasta Peth)

Aaba Misalwale in Rasta Peth has carved its niche by serving the best Misal Pav in town – a fiery curry full of sprouted beans, garnished with farsan and chopped onions. Their signature Misal comes with a spicy gravy and green chilli chutney that locals and tourists love equally. Not just Misal Pav, their Maharashtrian snack range including Sabudana Khichadi and homemade Ladoo are also a must-try.

In the vibrant city of Pune, the quest for the perfect Misal Pav is more than just a culinary adventure; it’s a cultural exploration. From the traditional spices of Bedekar Misal to the innovative BBQ Misal at Thorat, each venue offers its unique twist on this beloved dish. Whether you favor the fiery heat of Katakirr Misal or the comforting, less spicy variants at Jogeshwari Misal, Pune’s Misal Pav scene caters to all taste profiles.

As we’ve toured through the city’s famous Misal Pav spots, it’s clear that each establishment has its story, its ambiance, and its loyal following. Whether you’re a local Punekar or a visitor exploring the city, indulging in a plate of Misal Pav is essential to experiencing the authentic flavors of Pune. This gastronomic trail not only satiates your appetite but also connects you with the city’s rich cultural tapestry, one flavorful spoonful at a time.