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Appu Ghar Pune Timings, Entry Fee, Ticket Cost and Review

Appu Ghar, known for being the pioneer amusement park in Pune, was established on the 19th of November, 1984. It carries the legacy of the 1982 Asian Games, as it was named after its mascot, an elephant named Appu. Doesn’t that sound like a grand initiation?

Location and Accessibility

Positioned in the heart of Indira Gandhi Udyan in Nidgi, Pune, this fantastic theme park was once known as Bund Garden. The very mention of it may evoke a sense of nostalgia in many. Isn’t it intriguing how places evolve over time?

Attractions at Appu Ghar Pune

Range of Fun Rides

A broad spectrum of rides caters to all, from adrenaline junkies to little kids. The exhilarating rides include the Appu Columbus, My Fair Lady, Roller Coaster, and many more. Isn’t it amazing to have such a wide variety of experiences in one place?

Mesmerizing Natural Environment

Beyond the rides, the park also offers a serene lake and beautiful hilly terrains, waiting to be discovered. The vibrant aura of the park, complemented by excellent facilities, certainly ranks it among Pune’s popular destinations. Have you ever thought a theme park could offer a nature escape too?

Special Arrangements and Services

The fun doesn’t stop at rides and nature. Appu Ghar offers various packages to cater to the different preferences and interests of visitors. With a wide parking area, the park also ensures convenience for those who drive. Doesn’t that sound considerate?

The Appu Ghar Experience

Thrilling Adult Rides

For the thrill-seekers, rides like Appu Columbus or the Roller Coaster provide a much-needed rush of adrenaline. After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of adventure?

Fun and Safe Children’s Rides

Little ones aren’t left behind in the fun either. They have their own set of exciting and safe rides like the Helicopter, Appu Express, Gammat Girki, Merry Go Round, and more. Isn’t it fun to have a day of carefree enjoyment?

Family Fun Activities

With rides like Merry Cups, Guided Car, Striking Car, Bhoot Bangala, Bhool Bhullaiyya, and Tele Combat, the whole family can partake in the joy. After all, isn’t shared laughter the best kind of fun?

Planning Your Visit to Appu Ghar Pune

Timings and Holidays

Appu Ghar is open throughout the week from 12 noon to 8 PM on weekdays and until 9:30 PM on weekends. So, ready to plan your day of fun and thrill?

Entry Fee and Ticket Price

  • Adults: ₹300 (Entry fee along with all Rides)
  • Children: ₹250 (Entry fee along with all Rides)
  • Entry only: ₹30 per person

Note: Visitors above 3.5 feet height are considered as adults.

Contact Information and Map

To learn more or plan your visit, you can reach out at:

  • Phone: 0985 0841 414, 0989 0886 666
  • Address: No.23 Pradhikaran Sector Indira Gandhi Udyan Nigdi, Pune, Maharashtra, 411044, India

So, when are you packing your bags for an exhilarating day at Appu Ghar, Pune?


What is the price for a child’s ticket at Appu Ghar Pune?

The price for a child’s ticket (including all rides) at Appu Ghar Pune is ₹250.

What are the timings for Appu Ghar Pune on weekends?

On weekends, Appu Ghar Pune is open from 12 noon until 9:30 PM.

What are some of the thrilling rides at Appu Ghar Pune?

Some of the thrilling rides at Appu Ghar Pune include Appu Columbus, My Fair Lady, and the Roller Coaster.

Is there parking available at Appu Ghar Pune?

Yes, there is ample parking space available for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers at Appu Ghar Pune.

What special services does Appu Ghar Pune offer?

Appu Ghar Pune offers various packages to cater to different preferences and interests. The park also provides a wide parking area for visitor convenience.

Kiritika More
Kiritika More
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