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5 Most Delicious Vada Pav Places in Kharadi 2023


Are you a fan of Road-side Vada Pav? If yes, then listen up! Today we are going to explore all the different options in Kharadi when it comes to savouring tasty street-style Vada pav. From classic Mumbai style vadas smothered in chutneys and spices to new exploration with their flavour combinations, this delicious snack is a treat for everyone who loves some spice and sweetness. So let’s dive into the search for the best Vada pav places in Kharadi that will have your taste buds tingling.

Girme Vada Pav

Business Cateogry : Fast food restaurant

Reviews 31

O Wadapav

Business Cateogry : Restaurant

Reviews 7

Swarajya Wadewale

Business Cateogry : Restaurant

Reviews 45

Zykaa Misal

Business Cateogry : Restaurant

Reviews 235

The Wadapav Cafe

Business Cateogry : cafe

Reviews 335