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Aga Khan Palace Pune Review : Timings, Entry Fee, and Contact Details

Today, I have come up with my journey to Pune’s most patriotic, majestic, and historical place, Agha Khan.

Agha Khan was built by the (leader of Nizari Ismaili Muslim) – Sultan Mohammad Shah Agha Khan 3

It was built as an act of kindness, keeping people with low incomes and dignity in mind, offering them work, and paying money.

The Palace has a vast history with India’s Quit India movement led by Gandhiji.

 The movement caused many prominent leaders, including Gandhiji, Kasturi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, and Mahadev Desai, to be imprisoned in Agha Khan Palace.

During their fight for freedom, Mahadev Desai and Gandhi’s wife, Kastura Bai, lost their lives, and their Samadhi is kept in Agah Khan.

Therefore, in 1975, the Palace was donated to the Indian people in respect to Gandhiji. After that, the Palace was maintained with national funding and workers.

The Palace is spread over 19 acres with many plants, trees, and eye-pleasing architectural beauty all around the place.

Today, in my visit to the historical place Agha Khan, I’ll share the details of the place and my experience witnessing the iconic Palace.

Agha Khan Address

Agha Khan is situated in Samrat Ashok road, kalyani nagar Pune (Maharashtra)

Agha Khan is at a distance of 6km, and without any hassle, grab an auto, a car, or a bus and reach in a maximum of 20 Minutes.

  • 20 minutes from Pune station by bus
  • 12 Minutes walk from Pune metro Ruby Hall clinic
  • 10 Minutes via Four-wheeler or cab 

Agha Khan Timings

Agha Khan’s Timings are fixed despite the weekends. They open at 9.00 am and close at 5.30 pm.

  • Monday 00 am to 5.30pm
  • Tuesday 00am to 5.30pm
  • Wednesday       00am to 5.30pm
  • Thursday     00am to 5.30pm
  • Friday 00am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday 00am to 5.30pm
  • Sunday 00am to 5.30pm

Agha Khan Palace

Agha Khan is spread over 19 acres of land, and only 7 acres of construction are done in the remaining space; gardening and trees are planted.

There are two gates in Agha Khan Palace: Gate 2 and Gate 1 . Gate 2 is closed, and entry is done from Gate 1.

  • Gate 2 is closed
  • Gate 1 is the entry gate

Agha Khan parking lot

Agha Khan Parking is on the Left side of Gate 1, the main entry gate.

  • No parking fees are charged
  • Big Parking Lot Facility Available
  • Parking Lot is clean and maintained and is surrounded by trees

Agha Khan Entry Fees

As I moved forward after parking my car at the ticket counter, I was stopped by security, and they checked me for any violence.

After getting security clearance, you can buy the tickets and enjoy the journey.

One thing I loved about Agha Khan Palace is the awareness of the guards and security. They are highly aware of what is happening, and people are safe in any situation. 

  • 5 per person for Adults
  • 100 per person for foreigners
  • 2 per person for children

Image Gallery of Entry, Parking and Ticket Counter

Agha khan Scenery

Agha Khan always mesmerizes visitors with its luscious garden, bright, colorful plants, and green trees. So it did to me.

Agha Khan’s first floor is 1080 sq, and the second floor is 445sq meters. The corridor widens to the entire building.

It’s like a royal and lavish place with eye-pleasing architectural beauty and cheerful colors.

In the main entrance, three boards are placed which tell us about the history of the Palace.

The main attractions are the General Hall Room, Sarojini Naidu Room, Mahatma and Kastura Quarter, visual room, and library.

Agah Khan General display room

  • The Agha Khan Genral display room has all the historical photos of great leaders, freedom fighters, and never-forgetting freedom movements.
  • As you enter the hall, there is a 5-foot statue of Gandhiji and Kasturi Bai with other freedom fighter pictures depicting the battle for freedom.
  • In the Big Hall, A Historical statue is made where Gandhiji is trying to hold a 10-year-old child’s hand and play (inspired by John Ruskin’s book)
  • Gandhi’s statues are all over Agha Khan Palace and look so realistic and live.
  • Gandiji’s writings, books, clothing, clothes, sandals, and even his personal belongings are kept precisely in the display room.

Agha Khan Second Gallery

Freedom fighter statues are made in the second gallery, which portrays the fight they fought for their rights. It tells a lot about our struggle for independence.

They all were raising their voice and fighting the Britishers with the approach of nonviolence led by Gandhiji.

Hodings are attached to the place, telling the exact facts and history of the day. If you are keen on Indian history, Agha Khan’s visit is necessary.

All the photos, statues, and history were loudly making me realize the sacrifice and the hard work they did to free us from British rule.

Sarojini Naidu Room

Sarojini Naidu’s room and Mahadev Desai’s room are attached to the display room, and it’s made exactly like a police lockup with wooden furniture.

The Walls of the House tells you about the night angle of India Sarojini Naidu’s sacrifices and the attitude she brought during the independence.

News clippings and pre-independence painted photos are placed on the walls, with many realizations of the past.

Mahadev Desai Room

Mahadev Desai was one of the greatest freedom fighters who died in the Agha Khan imprisonment.

The Fourth gallery is the Mahadev Desai room, where his photos, journey, and death causes are described.

Agha Khan Samadhi

Mahadev Desai and Kastura bai Samadhi are kept together in the Agha Khan backyard just a few steps from the Galleries.

Mahadev Desai died six days after the date of imprisonment, and Katsura Bai died after two years of imprisonment.

Besides their Samadhi, Gandhiji’s ashes are kept in the Palace’s backyard.

I was a bit emotional watching the Samadhi as these freedom fighters gave their blood, sweat, and tears without having any life pleasure for the country.

Agha Khan Other Information  

  • Gandhiji and Kastura bai quarters in the Palace are kept closed in the Palace
  • There is also a Refuge welfare center and audio-visual room that is not accessible to visitors
  • The Palace also has a library and a big washroom, which Gandhiji used at that time
  • Phone Cameras are allowed, and you can capture your moments with it
  • Professional Cameras and professional guides are not allowed

Places to visit near Agha Khan

Agha Khan takes 1-2 hours to tour, enjoying the scenery and architectural beauty.

If you have more time or want to visit more places, these are five most exciting places near Agha Khan.

  1. Osho Ashram
  2. Diamond Water Park
  3. Laal Mahal
  4. Pune Zoo
  5. Empress Garden 

Final thoughts

It was a fantastic experience to visit Agha Khan Palace; as I drove back to my home, I felt patriotic and thought about many things related to Indian history.

Our ancestors were fighters and fought a great war against the Britishers, but the war didn’t end!

The inner demons and our thoughts are more poisonous than the Britishers. So today, let’s light up the fire with positivity, fight all the threatening situations in life, and never give up.

Stay tuned with Heypuneofficial as I bring you another crazy experience of my next trip.

Akansha Malvankar
Akansha Malvankar
Akansha Malvankar is an expert guide to Pune's vibrant culinary scene. Her extensive knowledge of local cuisine and dining trends makes her a valuable addition to our team of writers.


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